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The Weber Baby Q1000N LP Black barbecue is a true culinary marvel that brings incredible flavour to your outdoor adventures. This compact and lightweight grill is a powerhouse when it comes to portability and cooking versatility. Whether you're camping, picnicking, or simply enjoying the great outdoors in your backyard, this barbecue delivers exceptional results. Despite its small footprint, the Baby Q barbecue boasts a wide temperature range, allowing you to bake, roast, and grill with that classic barbecue flavour. Its large cooking area can easily handle up to 9 juicy burgers at once, making it perfect for gatherings with family and friends. The high-domed lid provides ample roasting capacity, and the front-facing grease tray ensures hassle-free cleanup.What truly sets the Baby Q apart is its user-friendly design.The front-facing control dial simplifies the process of adjusting barbecue settings, putting you in complete control of your cooking experience. Experience the joy of outdoor cooking like never before with the Weber Baby Q1000N LP Black. It's a compact powerhouse that brings mouthwatering flavour to all your outdoor culinary creations.

Easy to Control

The front-facing control dial on this barbecue allows you to effortlessly adjust settings. Its intuitive design ensures ease of use, making changing temperatures a breeze.

High Domed Lid

The barbecue's high domed lid offers a substantial roasting capacity. This feature ensures even cooking and perfect roasting results, making it great for family gatherings.

Front-facing Grease Tray

The front-facing grease tray is designed for easy access, simplifying the cleaning process. Its convenient placement makes cleanup a breeze and maintains a tidy cooking environment.

Compact and Portable

Compact and easy to transport, the Baby Q brings exceptional flavour to any outdoor setting, ensuring that no matter where you are, deliciously grilled meals are always within reach.

Model Number
Fuel Type
Weight (kg)
16.36 kg
Depth (mm)
690 mm
Height (mm)
420 mm
Width (mm)
420 mm
Finish Colour
Finish Colour Description
Midnight Black.
BBQ Type
Freestanding BBQ


Manufacturer Warranty
Limited 5 Year Warranty
Not intended or designed for commercial use.

Other Features

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Large cooking area, up to nine burgers at a time
  • High domed lid for large roasting capacity
  • Front facing grease tray
  • Front facing control dial


Number of cooking zones

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