Bullet Bison Charcoal Grill Built-In BBQ 67529NZ

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Increase your cooking potential with this easy-to-use Bullet Bison Charcoal Grill Built-in BBQ. The high-quality stainless steel construction gives this BBQ ultimate durability, to withstand years of cooking incredible meals. Always be in full control over your heat with the air vent butterfly dampers on both sides of the lid. Choose between high intensity heat, slow-roasting, or smoking, for a wide variety of dishes and flavours. Loading the BBQ with charcoal is simple thanks to the front-loading access door. Plus, you can adjust the height of the charcoal bed to control your heat across levels. The spacious cooking surface provides plenty of room to cook up big dishes for the whole family. Close the roasting hood to lock in heat, creating an oven-like environment. The handy thermometer will let you know the temperature within.

Hood Thermometer

Knowing the temperature of your barbecue is one of the secrets to great cooking. The built-in hood thermometer keeps you informed as to the internal temperature, negating the need to open the hood, consequently letting the heat out.

Adjustable Air Vents

The adjustable air vents on this barbecue, allow you to control the flow of oxygen into the interior, which affects the temperature of the coals or flame. Open air vents promote an increase in temperature, while closed air vents prevent oxygen ingress, reducing temperature.

Charcoal grate assembly

Adjustable charcoal bed levels provide multi-level heat control. Increase the distance between your food and charcoal for delicious low 'n slow cooking or lower the cooking grid closer to the charcoal for high-temperature searing.

Model Number
Fuel Type
Depth (mm)
565.15 mm
Height (mm)
666.75 mm
Width (mm)
812.8 mm
Finish Colour
Stainless Steel
See spec sheet for installation details
BBQ Type
Charcoal BBQ


Manufacturer Warranty
Limited Lifetime
Not intended or designed for commercial use.

Other Features

  • Air vent butterfly dampers on both sides of lid: control rate of burn for your choice of high intensity heat, slow roasting or smoking.
  • Grill door with air shutter: allows for manual control of the airflow.
  • Front loading charcoal access door: for ease of charcoal loading.
  • Charcoal grate assembly: Rotate the height adjustment knob to adjust the charcoal bed for multi-level heat control.
Removable ashtray
Roasting Hood
Charcoal baskets
Warming rack

Cut Out

Cut Out Depth (mm)
457.2 mm
Cut Out Height (mm)
292.1 mm
Cut Out Width (mm)
749.3 mm


Barbeque Categories
Built In
Primary Product Category
Built In
  • 67529NZ - Bullet - User Manual







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