BeefEater 7000 Premium 5 Burner LPG Built In BBQ BBF7655SA

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Built with robust cast stainless burners and stainless-steel vaporisers, the Beefeater 7000 Premium 5 Burner Built-In BBQ delivers durability, flexibility, and cooking efficiency to elevate your outdoor get-togethers. Cast stainless heats quickly, maintains consistency and lasts a very long time. With 17MJ of power in each burner, sear steaks at high heat, or turn the power down, giving you the choice in what you cook and how you cook it. And the dual stainless-steel vaporisers efficiently disperse the flames across the grill and plate surfaces whilst reducing those flare ups. Expand your BBQ experience and craft mouth-watering roasts and slow-cooked meals with the inclusion of a 11MJ rear ceramic burner. Combine the rear burner with the elevated cooking rack to keep your food warm without over cooking. Made from cast iron, the cooking surface doesn't chip and is rust-resistant, whilst heating quickly and evenly and holding its warmth for the best cooking experience. The split grill plates also means you can customise your cooking surface as you need it.

Lighting features for night-time barbecuing

The back hood lights give you better visibility and the LED illuminated control dials show you what power level you are at so you cook that perfect meal.

Fuss-free monitoring of your food

Keep an eye on what's cooking without lifting the lid. Maintain heat using the built in temperature gauge or peer through the full width glass viewing window to check how those sausages or brisket are doing.

Designed for easy cleaning

Designed for an easy clean-up, the hotplate has raised sides preventing grease and oil over-spilling.The telescopic rails on the front, full width drip tray, makes it easy to pull out to replace the foil tin and clean the over-spill.

Quartz one-start ignition

Start cooking quickly and easily with the quartz one start. This first time, every time, easy start ignition system makes sparking up the BBQ a breeze.

Model Number
Fuel Type
Weight (kg)
82 kg
Depth (mm)
628 mm
Height (mm)
555 mm
Width (mm)
973 mm
Hood height (open)
Finish Colour
Stainless Steel
Hood height (closed)
BBQ Type
Built-in BBQ


Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year
Not intended or designed for commercial use.

Other Features

  • 17MJ Cast Stainless Burners with Stainless Steel Vaporisers.
  • 11MJ Ceramic Rear Burner.
  • Porcelain Enamel Cast Iron Hotplates and Split Grills.
  • Halogen lights on splashback.
  • LED lights on control panel dials.
  • Flame Failure Gas Shutoff.
  • Stainless steel elevated cooking rack.
  • Full Width Oil and Fat Catchment Tray on Telescopic Rails.
  • Double layered 304 grade stainless steel roasting hood with glass viewing window and integrated temperature gauge.
  • Fully Welded 304 Grade Stainless Steel Firebox.
Roasting Hood


Burner Material
Stainless Steel
5 Burners

Safety Features

Flame failure protection


Built In
  • BBF7655SA - Beefeater - Product Catalogue
  • BBF7655SA - Beefeater - Specifications Sheet
  • BBF7655SA - Beefeater - User Manual







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